International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace
Highlighting the Impact of ERW resulting from the ongoing conflicts

On Thursday 25 September, the Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan (MACCA), a project of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS), celebrated the International Day of Peace at its headquarters in Kabul. The theme for the event was the impact of explosive remnants of war resulting from the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.
This ceremony was attended by key members of Afghan civil society, school students, including students with visual and hearing impairment, and national media representatives.
Male and female students participated in a painting competition during the event. The aim was to highlight the impact of ERW that are left behind as a result of the ongoing conflict through the students’ artistic skills. At the beginning of the ceremony, the students were provided with a brief introduction to the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan (MAPA), MACCA and the remaining challenge of mines and ERW facing Afghanistan.
The winners of the painting competition told the participants and jury that, through their painting, they wanted to show that “in spite of the fact that war and armed conflict has brought misery and disability to the country, peace is eager to embrace the people and country and have it prosper through its presence.”
The students’ paintings reflected how they viewed the challenge of mines and ERW, as well as the wider challenges facing the country and its people.
MACCA and UNMAS are working very hard with the mine action sector in Afghanistan. The main goal of the sector’s joint efforts is to bring both physical and psychological peace and security for the people. As a result of these efforts, people will be able to live, work and travel with-out any kind of distress regarding the presence of mines and ERW. The existence of mines and ERW in Afghanistan continues to pose a serious threat to the lives of thousands of Afghans and results in an average of 39 casualties every month.