UNMACA Mission

To support the government of Afghanistan to protect its people, deliver national plans and implement relevant international treaties through; coordinating the most efficient and effective mine action response to the problems caused by landmines and ERW; managing the national mine action database; ensuring the quality of mine action and mobilizing  the required resources.


Afghanistan freed of all known landmine/ERW contamination by March 2023 and UNMACA incorporated into government able to respond to residual risk so that all Afghans live in a safe environment conducive to development and where the rights of persons with disabilities, including landmine/ERW survivors, are promoted.

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Samuel Hall Report - UNMAS Evaluation

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1393 Statistics:

AP - 11776
AT - 520
AIED - 23
ERW - 139725
SAA - 140717
Death - 190
Injured - 397
Average per Month 48
Total - 587
Men - 155967
Women - 142174
Boys - 334611
Girls - 202757
Target - 76.7 (Million US$)
Secured - 23.8 (Million US$)
Outstanding - 52.9 (Million US$)
Potential - 26.47 (Million US$)

31 Mines
381 ERW

502 Male
85 Female

Contamination Status of Districts in Afghanistan
March 2015:Contamination Status of Districts in Afghanistan 31March 2015

Historical Achievement
March 2015:

Historical Achievements Districts as of March 2015


The United Nations Mine Action Centre of Afghanistan (UNMACA) is committed to make sure that the mine action customers and stakeholders are satisfied and receive high quality mine action services. It is our policy to consistently promote and support the safety and security in relation to mine/ERW threat to individuals, communities and development sector within Afghanistan which comply with the specifications laid down by mine action stakeholders according to their needs and the requirements of Afghanistan Mine Action Standards.

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2023, Afghanistan Mine Free